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The RMH Department of Neurosurgery provides a comprehensive inpatient service for patients with neurosurgical diseases with a clinical and referral service for patients with intracranial, spinal and peripheral nerve disorders requiring neurosurgical assessment and treatment.

Neurosurgery Staff
The Department of Neurosurgery has active clinical and laboratory research programs that augment each of the clinical specialised programs undertaken by the Department alone and in conjunction with the Department of Surgery of The University of Melbourne and the Department of Neurology. Many clinical programs are involved with national and international clinical trials. The specialised clinical programs include:

Brain Tumours
Spinal Disorders
Pain Surgery
Neuro-endocrinology (Pituitary Disorders)
Functional Neurosurgery (including Movement Disorders)
Peripheral Nerve

The clinical activities of the Department are underpinned by an active research and teaching program at both an undergraduate and postgraduate level for medical, nursing and allied health staff.

Research Activities

The Departmentís clinical and laboratory research programs augment each of the specialised clinical programs as mentioned. The laboratory research is undertaken almost exclusively within the Department of Surgery at The University of Melbourne. The laboratories are located within the Clinical Sciences Building and are co-located with The Royal Melbourne Hospital. The laboratory research is principally concerned with Neuro-oncology and is closely associated with the Ludwig Institute of Cancer Research, the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, the Howard Florey Institute and the Departments of Anatomy and Cell Biology at The University of Melbourne.

Important Links

The Royal Melbourne Hospital Neuroscience Foundation

The Department of Surgery, The University of Melbourne

Journal of Clinical Neuroscience

Department of Neurosurgery
Room 426, 4 East
The Royal Melbourne Hospital
Grattan Street, Parkville, Vic 3050

Ward 4 South

Nurse Unit Manager Doriana Andreou
Telephone 9342 7541
Facsimile 9342 8951

Head of Department Professor Andrew Kaye, Director
Executive Officer Kate Lagerewskij
Administrative Officer Sandra Anthony

Telephone (03) 9342 8219
Facsimile (03) 9342 7273

Recent clinical initiatives

The Department of Neurosurgery has established specialised clinics in cerebrovascular disorders (headed by Mr John Laidlaw), neuro-oncology (headed by Dr Kate Drummond), pituitary disorders (headed by Mr James King), functional neurosurgery including treatment of complex movement disorders (headed by Associate Professor Richard Bittar) and pain (headed by Professor Peter Teddy). Each of these clinics provide a holistic unified approach to the management of the disease in conjunction with specialists from other areas including neuroradiology and neurology.

Neurosurgeons Senior Staff

Professor Andrew KAYE Director
Mr John LAIDLAW Deputy Director
Mr Bhadu KAVAR Supervisor of Training
A/Prof Kate DRUMMOND Director Junior Surgical Training
Mr Alex ADAMIDES Consultant Neurosurgeon
Mr Ales ALIASHKEVICH Consultant Neurosurgeon

A/Prof Richard BITTAR

Consultant Neurosurgeon

Mr James KING Consultant Neurosurgeon
Mr Hui LAU Consultant Neurosurgeon
Mr Patrick LO Consultant Neurosurgeon
Mr Andrew MOROKOFF Consultant Neurosurgeon
Mr Girish NAIR Consultant Neurosurgeon
Mr Peter TEDDY Consultant Neurosurgeon
Mr David WALLACE Consultant Neurosurgeon
Mr Michael WONG Consultant Neurosurgeon
Ms Alison WRAY

Consultant Neurosurgeon

Dr Tanya YUEN Consultant Neurosurgeon

Honorary Staff
Ms Wirginia MAIXNER Honorary Neurosurgeon
Mr Kevin SIU Honorary Neurosurgeon

GP Referrals

Referrals to the Department of Neurosurgery: phone the Outpatient Booking Office on (03) 9342 8899 or fax (03) 9342 4234.

Urgent referrals and advice: phone the Neurosurgery Registrar via The Royal Melbourne Hospital on
(03) 9342 7000.

After hours: phone The Royal Melbourne Hospital Switchboard on 9342 7000 and ask for the Neurosurgery Registrar or Neurosurgeon on call.

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RMH Neuroscience Foundation

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